New Articles

  1. Effective July 1, 2022: Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    This article will show you how to turn on a setting to automatically charge the Colorado Retail Delivery fee to orders with a Colorado shipping address.
  2. TaxJar Integration

    TaxJar allows you to more accurately calculate sales taxes for your customers based on their shipping address, and it can be tailored to only collect taxes in the states you choose.
  3. EP. 15 – How to Adjust Pricing

    This video will cover how you can use the SimplePart Control Panel to adjust pricing on items in your online store, as pricing your parts and accessories correctly is essential to your website’s success
  4. Stripe - How to Apply

    SimplePart is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with a new payment processing partner, Stripe! With this new partnership, you now have another robust payment processing option available to use to collect payments on your SimplePart websit...
  5. EP. 14 – How to Initiate eBay Store Page Creation

    In this video, we'll cover how to integrate SimplePart’s services with an eBay store page.
  6. Checkout Agreements Field

    The Checkout Agreements Field on the Checkout page is editable so that you can add notices for data collection and compliance, which you may do through the Data Privacy Compliance Settings Screen in the Control Panel.  Control Panel Screen...
  7. Cookie Notice

    The CCPA requires that consumers be made aware of their rights “at or before the point of collection,” which essentially means that there should be some form of notification on your website at the consumer’s point of entry, no ma...
  8. Data Request Page

    As mentioned in “ How to Respond to Data Requests ,” consumers may contact you to make a CCPA request in a variety of ways. One method that we provide for you on your parts site is a Data Request Page. This page will allow consumers to...
  9. Data Request Reporting

    The CCPA requires businesses to keep records of consumer requests for 24 months, specifically the following information: Date of request Name of consumer Request type Action taken Date of response You can access records of requests that co...
  10. Accessing Consumer Information

    If a  consumer makes a “right to know” request for either  categories of information or  specific pieces of information , you’ll need to be able to send them that data after you verify his identity. Here’s ho...